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A funeral during the coronavirus pandemic - The restrictions and your choices
A funeral during the coronavirus pandemic - The restrictions and your choices

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At Burstows, we understand that the experience of a loved one's death is a sacred and profoundly meaningful time. Burstows has been serving our community in times of need for 120 years.

When you call on us, you will be served as one of our family. There is no higher measure.

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At Burstows, everything we do, we do to honour life. Here are some important ways we demonstrate this:

  • By providing a sense of comfort and security to those who grieve
  • By treating those who have died with the utmost respect and dignity
  • By helping people to commence the important journey of healing as they reconcile their grief
  • By honouring the lives of those who have died with ceremony that facilitates remembrance, celebration and hope.

Funerals are Important....because Life is Important

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Burstows facilities in Toowoomba, Dalby, Warwick and Gatton have been designed to create a comfortable environment during a difficult time. The Burstow attention to detail can be seen at any of these facilities and continues in areas often unseen by the public. Your inspection of our entire facility is always welcome.

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At Burstows, we recognise that the funeral is often only the beginning of the healing process. A funeral is a time of shared mourning for the loss of a loved one, as well as an important occasion in which families, friends and community can focus their feelings with the help of ceremony.


Good morning Merrilyn, Gary, and the entire Burstow team

I would like to thank you both for your great support and for helping us farewell Dad. The funeral was fantastic and I know I will look back in time and have a smile on my face when I think of the service, the friends and family reconnecting over great food /coffee / tea with so many we have not seen for ages, only down side was dad was not there to join in on the event as he would have loved it!!!!!!

Thanks again from Norma, Rodney, Debby, Michael, Libby, Michelle and myself

- David Dwyer

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Our Pledge

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