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If you live in a retirement village or attend local events in the Toowoomba, Oakey, Dalby, Warwick, Gatton or surrounding areas, then it is very likely that you have received our latest puzzle book already but if not, you can download it below for free.

Our puzzle books are produced quarterly and each book is broken down into three separate months. Answers will be published at the beginning of each month.

Puzzles Can Help Your Brain


Scientific studies have proven that working with puzzles and other logic games helps improve reasoning, memory and logic. They promote a form of synergy between the left and right brain, termed by psychologists as a "full brain approach". This can result in better memory, deeper learning and better recall. Puzzles appeal to our creative and logical minds, offering a full brain work out, especially for retirees who don't have a daily work commitment.

Burstows Funerals recognises this and hopes that by offering this Puzzle Book with up to three-month's worth of fun brain exercises, we can actually help you improve your brain vibrancy as you get older. One of the biggest fears for us all as we get older is losing our mental sharpness, possibly developing Dementia, Alzheimer's or other mental illnesses - but by giving our brain a moderate workout on a frequent basis we can help hold off the onset of some of these issues.

Puzzles and games also instigate social interaction and communication. Doing puzzles together is a pleasurable experience for all participants helping to maintain social and communication skills. Science has also shown that when a puzzle is finally completed there is a feeling of satisfaction and dopamine is released in the brain, as a kind of reward system for our efforts.

Please enjoy your FREE Burstows Puzzle Book.

By returning to this page monthly you will be able check your puzzle answers as they are published.


If you have not received the Burstows Super Puzzle Book 18 May 2021 – July 2021, you can download it here for free.

Free pdfs of our previous puzzle books and answer books are available on request via our contact page.

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