Memorial Urns and Jewellery

We have a wide variety of urns available, ranging in colours, materials and designs to meet the individual needs of our families. The majority of our urns come in bronze, ceramic and timber and viewing the full assortment can be arranged through your funeral director.


Commemorative cabinets

Seeking to better meet the needs of our families, we have developed commemorative cabinets designed to showcase your loved one and what they stood for. Within the cabinet, you can display photographs and treasured mementos. In the rear of the cabinet, a sealed compartment enables you to keep safe certificates, letters and personal documents or ashes.

Bronze ornamentation

Standard ornamentation on caskets is plastic; however, a range of solid bronze mementos is available. These mementos can be removed after the ceremony and kept by the family as a keepsake.

See the range of available urns.

Flower Arrangements

Select flowers that were meaningful to the person who died.

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In the event of a death in the family, contact Burstows without delay. A funeral director is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will provide help and guidance from the first contact.

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