This region’s only family owned funeral company…


Fifth Generation Family bright and happy picture

As Invocare, an international company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, announces its recent purchase of Australian Heritage Funerals, Burstows Funerals continue to welcome and prepare the fifth generation of family members to serve the local community in this important personal work.    

In 2020 Burstows celebrate 120 years of continuous family ownership with four members of the fifth generation of the family working well in various areas of the company. 

“The trust this community has shown in our family for over 120 years is important and humbling to us,” says Don Burstow.  Trevor & Don Burstow believe family ownership is the only way we can remain completely answerable to our community, and this partnership between our family company and our community is key to ensuring grieving families continue to receive the very best of care.



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In the event of a death in the family, contact Burstows without delay. A funeral director is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will provide help and guidance from the first contact.