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These thoughtful articles provide guidance and direction for anyone touched by grief.

Helping yourself with grief

Someone you love has died. You are now faced with the difficult, but important, need to mourn. Mourning is the open expression of your thoughts and feelings regarding the death and the person who died. It is an essential part of healing. The following articles provide many practical suggestions to help you move toward healing in your unique grief journey.

For and about grieving children and teenagers

Children and teenagers have special needs following the death of a friend or family member. The following articles provide wonderful insight in helping children and teens understand and express their grief.

Funerals, memorials, cremation and related topics

The days following the death of a loved one can be filled with sadness and confusion. The following articles can help you understand the importance of the rituals surrounding death.

For funeral directors

Effectively meeting the grief needs of clients in an increasingly impersonal world takes special effort on the part of professionals in the grief industry. The following articles are designed to help funeral directors gauge their own effectiveness and meet the challenges of serving clients' needs.

Why We Gather Videos

From youtube.com/whywegather:
The purpose of Catholic rituals and traditions
Is cremation a viable choice for a Catholic?
The difference between a celebration of life and a funeral service

The benefits of bereavement support groups
Making sure your bereavement support group is a good fit
Having the body present at the funeral

The value of connecting with others during grief
How communities grieve
Adaptive Action: Creating a memorial or scholarship fund

Adaptive Action: Expressing thoughts and feelings
Instrumental grief: using action to heal
The many emotional states of grief

Personal Story: The comfort of having the body present at the funeral
Death is tragic because life is precious
Grief - a natural response to any loss

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