Settling Funeral Expenses

Your funeral director is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the funeral service.

An important aspect of this responsibility is arranging payments on your behalf for the purchase of all goods and services associated with the funeral. These services might typically include cemetery plots, cremation fees, floral tributes, funeral notices, catering services, clergy and musician fees.

Settling Funeral Expenses
By arranging for all expenses to be itemised on one account, billing is kept as convenient as possible. Our own services will be detailed on the same invoice.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. If the person who has died held a bank account with sufficient funds to cover funeral expenses, the funeral director's account can be presented to the bank for direct payment.

Although during a time of sadness it may seem awkward to talk about costs, open and honest discussion is necessary during the planning stages of the funeral. It is important to balance emotional decisions with practical common sense. When your funeral director addresses the issue of funeral expenses during the planning stage of the funeral, they are acting in your best interests.

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