Choosing a venue for refreshments after the funeral.

Most funerals are followed by a gathering of friends and family. This is an important time, where the formalities of the ceremony are over and your family and friends are more relaxed and can share fellowship and reflect. Funerals are often times of reunion and you will gain much by hearing the stories and tales that will continue as new and old acquaintances reflect on the life that has been honoured.

This gathering may be held at home, or in a church hall or at a specialised catering facility. Your funeral director can arrange all your catering needs. Alternatively, friends may have that well in hand.

The act of sharing food during grief transcends the centuries, countries and cultures. It is a way of showing love and support, and provides comfort and continuity at an uncertain time.

At Burstows Funerals, we have changed our catering to individual service to allow us to again offer comforting food for 30-70 people in the Pioneers Room following a service. This allows COVID Safe hospitality guidelines to be in place while we serve you.

The Pioneers Room, located on the grounds of the TS Burstow Funeral Home and Chapel, is a private venue to meet in after the funeral. The Pioneers Room is a friendly and uplifting environment.

For just $15 per person, plus room hire of $150, guests receive an individual plate featuring a selection of gourmet sandwiches and, during colder times, a hearty pumpkin soup with sliced French stick is offered. You can also choose from a selection of muffins including petite blueberry, double choc, luscious raspberry, and pineapple and cream, as well as passionfruit sponge, scones with jam and cream, tea, coffee and orange juice. Surcharge will apply for weekends.

Food helps the conversation to flow at a time and place where you feel safe to share your sadness as well as stories of happier times, to laugh and cry – to know you are not alone, and to begin to heal.

Burstows are also able to offer packaged, pre-ordered take away options, please discuss options with our team.
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