Unattended Cremation: You Deserve the Best of Care


Unattended Cremation: You Deserve the Best of Care

You can choose an unattended cremation for yourself or a loved one and still deal with the local family business with a proven reputation for excellence, and people you trust.

At Burstows, our unattended cremation choice is just as important as any service we provide because our focus is your needs and wishes, and giving you the care and compassion to help you through your grieving journey.

From planning and organisation through to the final farewell, each person and each detail is important to us, however simple or complex your wishes may be.

Unlike new businesses without their own facilities, and offering only direct cremation, we are not driven by short-term sales, cheap products and gimmicks, or by the demands of shareholders to whom multinationals must answer.

We have a long-term commitment to doing the best for our community, and focus on positive outcomes for our clients above costs.

“The experience around saying goodbye to a loved one will impact you negatively or positively for the rest of your life. Therefore, who you choose to assist you in a time of grief is critically important.  I respect every family’s right to choose, and sincerely offer my honest counsel gained through more than 40 years in funeral service,” co-director Don Burstow said.

At Burstows, we truly believe in the importance of a funeral ceremony to help acknowledge the death of someone we love, to provide a time and place to farewell them, remember them and share memories with others. The funeral offers physical and social support for everyone grieving the death and starts to provide a sense of healing and hope for the future.

However, an unattended cremation may be chosen for a number of personal or financial reasons. Our experience, together with the advice of the very best grief experts, has allowed us to put in place supports for those who do choose this option.   

This includes transferring your loved one directly into our care at any hour of any day or night.

We provide personal guidance to ensure you understand your options, a no-obligation quote and, should we earn your trust, we arrange and plan the cremation, including preparation and lodging of all necessary documentation and applying for a certified copy of the death certificate.

We believe it is important for you to know how and where a loved one will be cared for prior to cremation, and we provide all necessary preparation, care and safekeeping of the deceased in our purpose-built Mortuary Care Centre. The cremation will also take place in the Burstows’ Cremation Facility, and the ashes kept safely for you to decide whether to scatter them, keep them in an urn or a memorial garden, for instance.

We provide a simple fully lined coffin (other options are available), and the opportunity for a private viewing at the funeral home. Should you wish, we will prepare a Photographic Tribute using 30-40 of your favourite photos set to music, which can be a beautiful centrepiece to any memorial gathering you may be planning. We can also prepare a Photographic Memorial Book as a beautiful keepsake that encourages reflection and remembering. 

We also offer grief support from a team who keeps in touch with the family over the coming year as much or as little as required.

We know that spending money is never a measure of one’s love. We are committed to helping you find the choices that are right for you and your loved ones – choices that will embrace reality and remembrance, mourning, honouring and celebration.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us on (07) 4636 9600 or go to https://www.burstows.com.au/the-burstow-experience.


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In the event of a death in the family, contact Burstows without delay. A funeral director is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will provide help and guidance from the first contact.