Let the Healing Begin

Adaptive Action: Creating a memorial or scholarship fund

Adaptive Action: Expressing thoughts and feelings

While bereavement is one of life's most challenging experiences, the grief it brings is not something that you should expect to overcome. Instead, it is something that needs to be experienced. Some people move away from grief before they are ready.

As time passes, the majority of people slowly start to see improvements in their outlook. Gaps in daily life become filled and confusion and pain gradually becomes less acute. There's no set time for this adjustment, beginning in the early weeks for some and lasting for several years for others.

It's during this period that rising ripples of optimism and energy will be experienced and you may draw strength from the healing that has occurred to this point. While the pain may never leave you altogether, it will generally become more manageable in time.

It is important to understand that bereavement has the power to change us. We may never return to the same mental and spiritual position that we occupied before the loss of our loved one, but we will move on to occupy a new position, one that has absorbed the trauma and loss that we have experienced.

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