Choosing a Venue

If you or the person who has died attended a church or other place of worship, this may be the natural choice for the funeral ceremony. This is particularly appropriate when a family wishes to arrange a ceremony of traditional religious significance, such as a funeral mass.

To see a range of venue photos, visit our Funeral Service Venues page.

  • Possible venues are only limited by your imagination and can include:
  • the funeral director's chapel
  • a cremation chapel
  • the graveside
  • a garden setting
  • a rural property
  • a private residence
  • a school assembly hall.

If you choose a venue other than a church building, a member of the clergy, or, if you prefer, a celebrant, can be arranged to officiate at the ceremony.

Some points to consider when choosing the venue for the funeral ceremony:

  • How many people will be accommodated? Is the facility large enough or perhaps too large?
  • Is there adequate seating?
  • Do you require special facilities, for example, video projection, room for musicians, on-site catering?
  • Will the service be conducted completely in one location or move in cortege to the cemetery or crematorium?
  • Is the venue easy to find?
  • Is there adequate parking?
  • Are there time restrictions in using the facility?

Commemorating a life at Gabbinbar


Exclusively through Burstows, farewell commemorations can now be held week days at Gabbinbar.

Farewelling a loved one is an important historic moment for a family, and how appropriate to reflect on a life in a location with such a rich history. Gabbinbar was the home of Reverend William Nelson, his son  Sir Hugh Nelson (Premier of Queensland 1893 - 1898), and the summer residence/resort for numerous Queensland Governors.

The timeless elegance of the sitting rooms and magnificent ball room give great opportunity to display family portraits, albums, images and memorabilia adding significantly to the opportunities to reflect and honour a life.

Gabbinbar catering

Gathering and catering options are many, due to the variety of exquisite outside locations and the perfectly appointed spaces within the homestead itself, including the stunning 'Conservatory' with its glass ceiling. The entire Gabbinbar estate is exclusively reserved for you and your guests during the time of your booking, providing opportunity to linger, and allow the timeless elegance of this peaceful estate sooth your soul.

Gabbinbar garden

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