'As a registered nurse and educator in the aged care sector, I believe high quality care for elderly residents and their families is paramount. From my many educational visits to Burstows Funeral Home, I am assured and comforted that the same high level of care is continued at Burstows, especially in areas normally unseen by the public.'
Sue Radecker RN, BNursing, Grad Dip FET, Cert IV WTA


'The way in which the funeral was conducted exceeded our expectations. As a medical practitioner, I have always been impressed by the staff's efficiency and willingness to accommodate. I dread to think how we would have managed without your suggestions, arrangements, punctuality and total cooperation.'
Dr R Vickers, Toowoomba


'It is always gratifying to conduct or participate in a Burstows funeral service. You and your staff have a genuine empathy plus a professionalism which is second to none.'
Reverend George Stewart, Toowoomba


'The phone call I received from your staff members really gave me a lift. I realised that someone else cared. The gift and card you personally sent was a real reminder of others' care.'
Dulcie Higgins, Toowoomba

The following comment was in response to the question about the fairness of our costs:
'Yes I do. But the care and compassion we received is without price. To me your service is exemplary, you were so easy to talk to and were so understanding of our needs.'
Helen Hall, Toowoomba


'... it is quite obvious your firm is not just a money making organisation, but genuinely helps people in grief, with back-up long after the initial loss.'
Chas Hudson-Gard, Dalby


'The family's choice for over eighty-two years.'
Henry and Ruby Taylor, Toowoomba

'The care we received when we called at reception with young children was magical.'
J Thomas, Cambooya

'There isn't just one thing-it is the whole package-you've made such a sad time into a beautiful and memorable experience.'
S Sheehan, Toowoomba


'The compassion of your staff and how peaceful and serene the whole place is-especially the Chapel with its beautiful backdrops. Gives a feeling of "safeness" for your loved one.'
Warren S, Toowoomba


'Patience was always present, never were we to feel rushed, every single staff member was like an extension of our family, nothing was too much trouble.'
M Sullivan, Toowoomba


At Burstows, everything we do, we do to honour life...

Here are some important ways we demonstrate this;

By providing a sense of comfort and security to those who grieve

By treating those who have died with the utmost respect and dignity

By helping people to commence the important journey of healing as they reconcile their grief

By honouring the lives of those who have died with ceremony that facilitates remembrance,
celebration and hope.

Funerals are Important....because Life is Important

About us

In this region, Burstows is renowned as the only funeral company who refused the multi-national millions to remain family-owned.

Our history

TS Burstow Funerals was founded in 1900 by TS Burstow, a former Mayor of Toowoomba, and has remained in his family's hands ever since.

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