Help Beyond the Funeral


Grief is not an illness but a natural response to the loss of a loved one. Only through a lengthy healing process can the pain and emptiness begin to give way to hope and optimism. There is no simple remedy.

Educational seminars, hosted by Australia's leading grief educators, are held regularly for those families that have recently experienced bereavement, or for those who seek to become better equipped in helping those who grieve. Our bereavement education officer also provides regular training sessions for nursing professionals, teachers, clergy and carers, as a complimentary community service.

In addition, a Christmas service takes place each year for those families who are facing their first Christmas without a loved one. This beautiful and uplifting ceremony has helped many families cope with seasonal festivities far better than they thought possible.

A resource library gives support, encouragement and understanding to bereaved families and caregivers.

About us

In this region, Burstows is renowned as the only funeral company who refused the multi-national millions to remain family-owned.

Our history

TS Burstow Funerals was founded in 1900 by TS Burstow, a former Mayor of Toowoomba, and has remained in his family's hands ever since.

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