At Burstows, we believe funerals are important because life is important...
At Burstows, we recognise that a funeral is also a time of reunion
At Burstows, we believe the final journey can be made more significant
eTributes, a special place to remember loved ones
Burstows Complete Funeral Care
Trevor and Don Burstow

At Burstows, we understand that the experience of a loved one's death is a sacred and profoundly meaningful time. Burstows has been serving our community in times of need for over 117 years. 

When you call on us, you will be
served as one of our family. There
is no higher measure.



Community Gifting Back
Community Gifting Back

We appreciate the need for local organisations to seek donations and sponsorships to assist them achieve their dreams and fundraising efforts.


Super Puzzle Book
Super Puzzle Book

Take a look and discover our monthly answers to the Burstows Super Puzzle Book. Or for a copy of our puzzle book call our office to arrange one to be sent to you, or download.


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